How to Produce Toilet and Tile Cleaner

In order to start producing Toilet and Tile cleaner, you need to learn and master the step by step approach on how to produce toilet and tile cleaner. This is a solution produced to clean tiles (whether floor tiles, wall tiles, etc) and for cleaning toilets. 


It has the capacity to clean and remove stains from floor tiles, WC, Glasses, Sink, Bathe, wall, chairs and tables, etc. Click here to learn how to start Tissue Paper Business


This solution could be sold to hotels, household, eateries, hospitals, offices, schools, etc.


  1. Water 20Litres
  2. Hydrochloric acid 4Litres
  3. Crystal powder 100grams
  4. Soda ash 1/4kg
  5. Texapon 1/4kg
  6. CMC*** 1/8kg (CMC – Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose)
  7. Colourant to taste


  1. Containers for packaging.
  2. Labels
  3. Mixing Bowl s/Buckets
  4. Stirrer
  5. Hand groves.


  1. Ferment Texapon overnight (or for 12hours) with 15 Litres of Water
  2. Soak the CMC (thickener) for 48hrs with 2 Litres of Water.
  3. Ferment Soda ash for 24hours with 2 Litres of Water (use another bowl please)
  4. Add Crystal powder (foaming agent) to the fermented Texapon and stir
  5. Add Hydrochloric acid (cleaning agent) to the solution in (d)
  6. Add the fermented Soda ash to the solution in (e) and stir very fast.
  7. Add CMC if you want the solution to be thick (optional
  8. Add colour to taste
  9. Stir all together and pour in the containers.

Small quantity production

Use you calculator to divide chemicals content accordingly based on the quantity you want to produce at that particular time. Click here to learn how to make money using your account


With the above step by step procedure, anyone can now produce toilet and tile cleaner both for home use or even for commercial purposes. Take the advantage now and start something today.

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  1. I have actually tried it and it worked well.the tile cleaner brought back to life all the stained tiles in the house.thankbyou for this article.

  2. This is a well researched step by step procedure on how to produce a Toilet and tile cleaner. I tried it and it worked. Million thanks for sharing this information


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