How to make money with your Facebook Account

Have you ever wondered how to make money with your Facebook account? Have you ever thought of using the social media platform to generate some passive income? then Facebook is here for anyone who has this desire. You are not alone. Facebook has become a global name on social media. With over 1.7 billion active member on Facebook, there is no platform with a global community as large as that. There are just few smart phone users today that do not have a Facebook account.

Nowadays, everyone with smart phone or that has an access to internet connected computer has a Facebook account. This shows that there are a lot of people every second, minute, hour day, week, month and year on Facebook.

How can you now make money using this social media platform? This same platform that you use to share pictures and videos with family and friends? There are just few steps you can follow to start making money from your Facebook account. In this article all this process will be highlighted and discoursed in a simplified do it yourself manner.

While there are those who are yet to have an account with Facebook, below shows the steps to follow in order to open an account with Facebook.

How to Open A Facebook Account and make money

To open an account in Facebook and own a profile, you should log in to and that brings you to the home page where you can start filling the free form to have an account. Click here to learn how to start producing and selling Tissue paper.

On the right side of the page, you will see “create account” and just below it is form with “first name”, “Surname”, “email address or phone number”, password, Date of Birth. Fill out these spaces with your personal details and right below it, click on the gender selector, Male or Female and then finally select “Sign Up”.

Immediately you click sign up, the system creates an account for you with the details you used in registering the account. You can now go to setting and upload your profile picture. This could be your phone or laptop or even take a photo using your phones camera or laptops webcam.

Making Friends And Start Making Money

Now that you have a Facebook account or profile or, you need to you need to connect with some or all of your friends that is having a Facebook account. In this article, we will discourse how to manually add friends to your friends list.

To add your friends, you can go to the search bar and type the name of your friend and search for that name. After it returns the search result, at the top of the result page, click on “people” for the result to be display result of profile with that name. Now you can go through the list to search for your friend and when you see your friend, you click on “Add Friend”.

This automatically sends a friend request to your friend. Your friend will have to accept your friend request for both of you to start sharing comments and post on your walls. This is how you will continue to add your friends until your list grows.

At the same time as more of your friends continue accepting your friend request, you will start to appear as mutual friends to them when other friends in your network search for their profile in Facebook. So they will also start sending you friend request too if they really wants you in their friend list.

Join Groups facebook

Facebook allows any member who wishes to create a group of interest so long as they do not go outside their terms and conditions of service and their policy. So make out time to go through their policy to ensure you are not breaking their policy. This could result to Facebook permanently closing your group or your account.

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Advertising your Products with your account

For any product, there must popularity for people to come to know about its existence, availability and its usefulness. It is only when people know about the product that is when you can start making sales.

Advertising is a form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or an idea.

Advertising on Facebook is another way to reach millions of people who are open to new products and services. On Facebook, there is paid adverts where you have to pay Facebook to place an ad. In this arrangement, you have to select what category and number of your audience you want to reach with the advert placement.

But in this article, we will be focusing on how you will place adverts on Facebook without spending money.

Using you Facebook profile, you can place Facebook adverts to a large audience without having to pay anyone. To do this first, you must ensure you have good number friends on your list. This ensures that even posts on your wall will reach a large number of friends on your friends list. So you have to ensure you reach your maximum friends list which is set by Facebook to 5000 friends maximum. This you can do by sending a lot of friend request to friends and mutual friends. Click here for how to get 5000 Facebook friends with ease.

The next thing you need to do to increase you audience is by joining groups in Facebook.

Joining Facebook groups

To search for Facebook groups, you go to the search bar, and type in the name of the group of your choice. Not that the choice of the group depends on the location and the type of product you want to advertise.

If you search for groups based on location, you will get groups that deal with general ideas and including alumni groups or religious groups. Search for groups with keys words like “Advertising” or “buy and sell” or even “markets”.  You will find groups that are tailed to buying and selling. People in these groups share the same interests. Some join the groups to buy and while others joining the groups to sell their products.

So with these groups, you have a very good audience to advertise and sell your products. When you type in the name of the groups and press search, the groups and posts with name appears. Now go to the top of the page and select groups.

After selecting groups, the list of groups with similar names appear, you just have to click “Join group”. To become members of that group after the admin approve your request to become a member of the group.  Some groups when you click the “join group” button a pop up comes up displaying some questions. You have to answer before to help the admin approve your request on time.

Posting Your Advert to make money

To post your advert on the groups you have joined and make money, you have to go to the left hand side of your Facebook page. Select one of the groups and when the group page opens up, you click “sell” something. If it’s a business, advert or buy and sell group, else you have to click post and post your advert.

After that you then click “next” and all the groups you have joined will appear. You have to manually select all the groups . When you are added to a new group, you have to search for it here. Then click on it for your post to be displayed in that group. Subsequently, click “select all” and all your groups will be automatically selected for your advert to appear in the group wall.

Now the next thing is to select the “post” button. This then automatically posts your advert to all the members of the group. Posting in groups has a far reaching result. Using groups you can have access to over ten (10) million persons in Facebook and place an advert for them to see. This automatically translates to more sales and returns.

Content of Your Post

While making your post there are basic things you should and should not include in your post to ensure you make money from your ads.

There are contents that make your advert very interesting for viewers and some are not really interesting. They advert with pictures and adverts without pictures. Adverts with pictures speak more than adverts without picture. With the picture, the viewer sees what the product is and if it catches his interest, he or she will automatically click on the article that is included in the adverts and you make money. Click here to learn about the foreign Tissue paper machines

They only read what is captivating to their eyes and mind. Your accompanying article the picture should be a killer article that touches their heart and soul. This makes it easier for viewers to check your product and finally buy the product.


We have seen how in a few steps one can scoop much sales and make money from Facebook . Meanwhile others log on to Facebook socialize with friends and family.

Therefore, increase the number of your sales and continuously grow your sale monthly. kindly put your Facebook to good use and post to more pages and groups. This way you are sure to have increased sales.


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