Foreign Made Tissue Paper Making Machine

The foreign made Tissue Paper machine is one of the two types of Tissue Paper Making Machine. We have the locally made and the foreign made machine. Tissue Paper which is popularly known as Toilet roll is one product that has been on increasing demand day after day and week after week. The sensitization on the need for improved hygiene has positively affected the need for this paper product.

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Local production capacity for Tissue paper has not been able to meet up with the demand That is is the reason why despite the barn from the federal government of Nigeria on the importation of this product, the product is still imported.

Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue paper is produced using the the machine commonly known as Tissue Paper Making Machine.The name of the machine is Tissue Paper Rewinding Machine. This machine is now designed and locally fabricated with product output as nice and good quality just like the foreign rewinding machine. In this article, we are going to focus on the foreign made tissue paper making machine.

A standard tissue paper making machine is a machine with the capacity to suspend a full size Tissue paper jumbo reel, rewind the jumbo reel after fully embossing and perforating the tissue paper sheet as it passes through the embossment and perforation units.

Foreign Made Tissue Paper Making Machine

The foreign made Tissue Paper Making machine is electrically operated using electric motor. This electric motor through the help of a flywheel drives the perforation unit at the end where the electric motor is installed. The other end of the perforation unit now through gear and chain link mechanism drives the embossment.

The system moves automatically when the electric motor starts. The winding roller unit is where the tissue paper core is placed during rolling. The tissue paper sheet coming from the jumbo to roll into and the machine is running. This continues rolling to it preset size. This machine has so many designs and comes in many models. You have to be sure of what models you are purchasing and its maintainability.

Finished Product

Shown below is a picture of one among many tissue paper  products manufactured  using the foreign made Tissue Paper making machine.

Tissue Paper from Foreign Made Tissue Paper Making Machine


The Tissue Paper Making machine is Time operated. It controls the quantity of Tissue paper sheet rolled into the core. After setting the machine to a particular size setting, the start button is pressed.

Then the machine automatically starts and runs to the preset size and automatically stops. The rolled Tissue paper is now removed and sent to the band saw cutting machine. Click here to learn about Tissue Paper Business.

BandSaw Cutting Machine

The Bandsaw cutting machine is the machine used to cut the already rolled tissue paper. It cuts it into the dimension you see in the market. This could be the Regular, Family or Hotel size.

It is an electrically operated machine which could be three or single phase design depending on your choice.

This machine operates a high speed rotating blade and permanently positioned grinding stone. the stone keeps the cutting blade always sharp and ready to cut anything that is placed into the path of the blade.

Foreign Made BandSaw Cutting Machine

This Bandsaw cutting machine has the ability to cut a full tonne of tissue paper in one day.. The Bandsaw cutting, machine has accessories to set the rotating blades to ensure a straight cutting of the tissue paper products. It has protection for the operators hands to prevent the blade from cutting the operator.


The foreign made Tissue Paper Making Machine has good reliability in terms of maintenance. The foreign made is not as rugged as the locally made machine but it is still fit for the Nigerian manufacturer. Below are some of the features of this foreign made machine;

  1. Fast in production
  2. Has an air blowing system that makes the product big
  3. Require a professional to service the machine
  4. High power consumption
  5. Expensive


It is good to mention that there are just few foreign made Tissue Paper Making Machine in Nigeria. If you are considering starting up a Tissue paper manufacturing outfit do not fail to consider the two. The foreign made as well as the locally made tissue paper making machine. The of them are good and rugged with the ability to produce products that competes effectively in the market.

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